Title:ØZI 【DIAMOND 鑽石】
Date:11 June 2018
Duration:3:15 Min
Dis Like:275

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ØZI 首張全創作專輯 7 / 1 0 發行

Music & Lyrics by 詞曲: ØZI
Beat Produced by 編曲: ØZI
Producers製作人: ØZI, LilFu海大富, MCKY, Razor 剃刀蔣
Recording Engineer錄音師: Zachary Lin 林清智 @ How We Roll Music Studio好威龍音樂工作室
Mix 混音: Double
Visuals by 視覺: Tommy Trinh @ Formula Arts x ØZI
Stylist 造型: Victoria Loi

Lyrics 詞:
I flex hard I’m a diamond
Crush me all u want Imma take no damage
Bling bling bling
That’s how I be doing
You could call me HP
Printing paper by the minute
We going big
Reppin FP yeah we down with this business
Tracks go flame when I’m in it

Verse 1 (Chinese):
Young OZI right here
Check check
這個環境壞了 真的壞的太扯 god damn
Bout time to 改變遊戲規則

100-carat diamond
雲端 依然穩穩站著
You can’t see me coming I’m a 火影忍者

Gang gang gang gang
I’m makin bank bank bank
要走就走到飛 okay


忍術 火遁 豪火球之術

你吃驚 見識這本事
這實力 Eminem二世
像特技 帶這到極致
二十一 準備幹大事
到國際 從這台北市

穿Gucci 帶著金鏈子
我做beat 你們全都濕
Like Jay Z 開始造歷史
這使命 我扛一輩子
持續 突破 極致
That’s on every single song I spit


Oh yeah

I flex hard I’m a diamond
Crush me all you want imma take no damage
Bling bling bling
That’s how I be doing
You could call me HP
Printing paper by the minute
We going big
Reppin FP yea we down with dis business
Tracks go flame when I’m in it

Verse 2 (English):
I flex hard I’m a diamond
Spittin fire like a savage
You should quit rapping
Cut the jaw jack
Cuz your track wack
All of y’all flow trash
Come take me on a challenge

I’m on a rampage
I can’t hold back these emotions
Man I just can’t manage
You can’t imagine how a kid on this island can spit like a god
but it doesn’t matter

I’m no Marshall Mathers
I’m Lucious Lyon
Building my Empire

I’m gravity defying
like the Wright brothers
Told myself that Imma

go ahead and make a deal with Lucifer
I’m a deadly punisher
I got no mercy on this
lyric massacre
Man cuz low-key that’s my guilty pleasure

Let’s start it from the bottom
from the day I started rhyming
a disciple to the rhythm
I became addicted to this adrena-
line, and now I stand in front of
people doing what I've dreamed of,
hoping one day I could make it
matter fact, I'll make it happen

Cuz I promised mother that’ll make it far
Put some extra dollars in the cookie jar
And I’mma do it simply just by spittin bars
I’m still goin hard

Man I don't mess with y’all whack snitches
I can’t deal with your bullshit
I’ve been messing around with your main girl
Did you really think she been loyal?
Idiot sandwich
I’ll be grinding hard till I’m dumb rich
I’ll be making sure that my tracks lit
I’ll be ballin, selling out stadiums
I’m on it
I’m outta here

2018 Forbidden Paradise Music Co., Ltd. 新樂園音樂有限公司

ØZI: www.instagram.com/ozioffcl
MCKY: www.instagram.com/mckylin
Razor: www.instagram.com/razorchiang
NaUr: www.instagram.com/lilfu_hsu


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